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Pin V-mount Swit OMNI 99S

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Hãng: SWIT
Model: OMNI 99S, Pocket
Dung lượng: 6,900mAh; 99Wh
USB-C x1: 48W input- 65W output

USB-A x1: 5V/2A output

Output DC X1: 8.4V/2A

D-tap x1: in/out
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Meet All Your Expectations

The OMNI series are the new mini-size pocket V-mount camera batteries with LED power info display and versatile DC interfaces including 65W USB-C and 8.4V DC barrel.
The sleek design adds a touch of sophistication to your gear, making a statement on set or in any professional environment.

99Wh Fly Friendly

OMNI-99S consists of 8 high capacity cells, with 99Wh/6.9Ah high capacity, airplane borading, and support at least 150W/12A constant high load output, for camera and accessories together.

Mini-Size, Pocket Fit

With the OMNI battery, V-mount power is now pocket-sized, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot without the burden of bulky equipment, and empowering filmmakers to unleash their creativity wherever inspiration strikes.

Sanyo 3450mAh Class-A Cells

This OMNI batteries use Sanyo highest grade of 18650 Li-ion cells, 3450mAh capacity, the flagship power cell, to ensure the unparalleled quality and reliability.

150W Constant; 200W Peak Load

OMNI-99S can output at least 150W power even when the battery is close to empty. At full charge, it can handle peak loads of up to 200W, effortlessly powering various commonly used high-power lights.

Power Up under -20°C Enviroment

The OMNI battery cells featured cold-resistant and with SWIT's unique low-temperature cold startup process, allows for normal discharge even in extreme cold environments as low as -20°C, perfect for filming in freezing regions, guaranteeing a dependable power source even in the most severe conditions.

Versatile DC Sockets

The mini-size OMNI battery never compromises on interfaces. It provides the richest DC power sockets including USB-A, USB-C, 8.4V Barrel DC, and 14.4V D-tap, allowing various cameras and accessories to be powered simultaneously.

USB-C to Power Cameras

The USB-C output of the OMNI battery can power many mirrorless cameras, providing several times the runtime of the small internal battery.
It’ s compact size, lightweight, and easy to install, perfect for handheld shooting.

8.4V Barrel DC Output

The 14.4V OMNI battery also provides a 5.5/2.1mm barrel DC socket of regulated DC 8.4V / 3A output for camera-top devices, and you can also connect various dummy DV batteries to power mirrorless cameras.

65W USB-C to Power Laptop

The OMNI-99S battery is equipped with a bi-directional USB-C socket, outputs 5V/9V/12V/15V/20V(Max) 3.25A, 65W high power for laptops, BC1.2, QC2.0/3.0, FCP, SCP, PD2.0/3.0 protocols universally compatible.
The battery can also be charged by USB-C charger of PD2.0/3.0 ≥48W power, fully charged within 2.75 hours.

Power Info Display

The LED screen displays power percentage and remaining runtime. The unique “Touchless” sensitive button can eliminate any disturbance caused by touching the battery during filming. Long-pressing this button will display battery's health level.

BMS Intelligent Multiple Protections

Keep Power Even After 10 Years of Storage

The normal batteries have stand-by power consumption of at least 10mA, and need charging every few months, otherwise the battery life will be seriously affected. While the SWIT OMNI batteries have ultra low stand-by power consumption, less than 0.5mA, and will reduce to ONLY 0.01mA after 10 days. So the battery will keep power more than 10 years of storage, and you don’ t need to periodically charge the storage batteries.

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Pin V-mount Swit OMNI 99S

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