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Bộ kit Tilta cho A7C2 (TA-T60-A-B)

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Bao gồm:Full Set A7C2
Bộ khung: full Camera Cage for Sony A7C2 TA-T60-FCC-B *1
Tay cầm: Quick Release Top Handle TA-QRTH7
Đế đũa 20cm: Tilta Modular 15mm LWS Baseplate Type III*1
Đũa 30cm: Aluminum Rod R15-200-B*2

Giao hàng COD toàn quốc

Giao hàng COD toàn quốc

Toàn quốc Freeship đơn ≥ 600k

Giao hàng hoả tốc nội thành HCM

Giao hàng hoả tốc nội thành HCM

Trong vòng 2h - 24h Grab - Ahamove - Gojek

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Bảo hành chính hãng 1 đổi 1

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Half Camera Cage for Sony a7C II / a7C R
Half Camera Cage for Sony a7C II / a7C R
Half Camera Cage for Sony a7C II / a7C R
  • [MOUNT ACCESSORIES] via Cold Shoe Receivers, NATO Rail and 1/4"-20 Threads with Locating Points
  • [HDMI CLAMP] Secures HDMI Cables in Place with Convenient Thumb Screw Design
  • [COMPATIBLE] with Additional Accessories like the Sony ECM-W2BT
  • [NATO TOP HANDLE] Expands Mounting Options while Improving Flexibility for Operating & Handling
  • [ARCA BASEPLATE] Supports 15mm Rod Based Accessories and Quickly Transitions to DJI Ronin

Introducing the Full Camera Cage for Sony a7C II / a7C R Basic Kit

This cage protects your camera body and opens up countless possibilities for attaching additional accessories via mounting points such as a Cold Shoe Receiver, NATO Rail and 1/4″-20 threads with locating points.

The cage features an integrated ARCA-Swiss bottom plate which accommodates fast transitions between gimbals such as the DJI RS3 Pro and other compatible ARCA based support systems.

Please note, this cage utilizes DJI’s standard for ARCA and is not compatible with all receivers. Compatibility is not guaranteed.

The cage features a form fitting design that utilizes multiple security attachments to provide additional points of contact between the camera and cage.

The design provides easy access to all necessary functions of the camera including the hot shoe receiver, perfect for accommodating accessories like the Sony ECM-W2BT.

The HDMI Cable Clamp provides increased security for HDMI cables and the inclusion of thumbscrews allow cables to be quickly attached or removed while ensuring no tools are required to use this accessory.

The included NATO Rail and NATO Top Handle offer more flexible shooting and handling options, especially useful for achieving low angles shots.

The Top Handle also improves mounting options with additional 1/4_-20 threads and a Cold Shoe Receiver, perfect for an external monitor.

Rounding out the kit is our Universal 15mm LWS Baseplate which supports dual 15mm rods and rod based accessories such as follow focus systems or matte boxes.

This baseplate utilizes a DJI Standard ARCA Receiver for seamless transitions to Ronin Series Gimbals, while the bottom plate is compatible with our Tilta Standard Dovetails and features 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 threads.

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Bộ kit Tilta cho A7C2 (TA-T60-A-B)

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